Roland VR-1HD Streaming Switcher

Roland VR-1HD Streaming Switcher

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Available to rent in Central Glasgow from only £45. The VR1-HD is an three-input streaming vision mixer.

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The Roland VR1-HD is the simplest way to livestream with high production standards.

A big advantage is the input flexibility. There are three HDMI inputs, each can deal with a wide variety of sources, frame rates, and resolutions. Literally just plug and play. Two HDMI outputs are available, with the main mix and a monitor with menus and metering. There's also a low-latency pass-thru of one of the inputs.

The VR1HD connects straight to any computer that has a USB3 port. Your computer will see the mixer output as if it were a simple webcam, and you can stream via any software or online service you like.

It's simple to switch between cameras by hitting the input select buttons. They give a brisk smooth fade between the sources, no glitching or stuttering. You also have a variety of auto-switching options. We really like the option for "video follow audio", where a camera is automatically selected when there is sound from the corresponding microphone. This is ideal for interviews and podcast-style shows.

There are two XLR inputs available (which can provide phantom power) and also stereo line-level in and out on phonos. You can also use the audio from each HDMI source too. The mic and line inputs are available on faders for easy adjustment, and there are other audio processing available via the menu.

Scenes can be recalled at the touch of a button, which is an easy way to access split screen or picture-in-picture effects. You can also use chroma-key to eliminate backgrounds or add graphics over the picture.

The VR-1 provides everything you're likely to need for a self-contained webcast. We'll provide a preview monitor for free with your hire, just add cameras/sources and a computer to stream, and you're ready to go.

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