Optical HDMI (50m)

Optical HDMI (50m)

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Run HDMI video over long distances. Quick, simple, and reliable.

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Optical HDMI is our preferred solution for running signals over longer distances. Whilst traditional copper cables suffer degradation beyond 10-15m, optical fibre is 100% reliable over much greater lengths.

Because the signal is transmitted as pulses of light, the cables are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Copper HDMI cables can be susceptible to interference from nearby electrical devices, resulting in signal degradation and potential image or sound quality issues. Optical HDMI eliminates this problem, ensuring a reliable and high-quality signal transmission. It's especially helpful when you are running between rooms or have multiple power sources. Ground loops are eliminated.

Optical HDMI cables are thinner and more flexible compared to traditional copper HDMI cables. This makes them easier to route and manage, especially where space is limited. They can be damaged when bent tightly or crushed but are very reliable when handled properly.

The biggest advantage is the plug-and-play operation. The optical converters are powered from the HDMI port at the source, and are built into the connections at each end of the cable. So there are no additional boxes or PSUs to worry about. It's simpler and quicker to set up and much more reliable.

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