LiveU Solo Wireless Livestreaming Device

LiveU Solo Wireless Livestreaming Device

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Stream full HD video from anywhere, using multiple 4G connections.

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Livestreaming is becoming increasingly popular, and is often required from locations that don't have a permanent internet connection.

Our LiveU streamer is a great solution to this challenge. It's a wireless web stream encoder, that can work almost anywhere.

We supply it with two 4G modems, and it can spread the bandwidth for your stream over the two connections. This means you can get a working stream even in out of the way areas with sketchy connection speed.

As well as the 4G connections, the LiveU can also "bond" the stream with a wifi and/or wired ethernet connection too, so you can use up to four services to ensure your signal gets through. It's a very good way to supplement slow or congested internet connections in venues.

The streamer takes an HDMI input, which can come direct from a single camera, or the output of a vision mixer for more complex productions. Once configured, it is very simple to get streaming, via almost any service. Facebook Live and Youtube both have presets ready to go.

If you think you can use the LiveU, we can help you get it all set up and ready to go with your equipment.

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