LED Parcans (Fatlines)

LED Parcans (Fatlines)

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The LEDJ 1T100 is the perfect solution as an LED Parcan, it can also be used as a powerful up lighter from wedding tents to corporate event stands. Lighting hire Glasgow.

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These T100's are a larger, more powerful version of our Slimline LED Parcans.

They have roughly three times the light output of the smaller slimlines so are ideal for lighting larger areas or uplighting tall walls and pillars. The beam angle is a 110 degree wash as standard but can be narrowed down to 25 degrees with a lens (which is included free of charge).

You have the choice of either DMX control or standalone mode. Each light can use either three or five channels of DMX (RGB channels, plus a master and variable rate strobe).

The standalone options include selectable colour mixing, preset chases, and sound-to-light.

Power and DMX cabling can be daisy-chained between up to four lights, which minimises the splitters etc. required and neatens the cable runs.  There is a versatile double-bracket which can be used to aim the light at almost any angle when sitting on the floor. It will also take a G-clamp or be mounted onto a T-bar.

If you are uplighting the light can sit flat on its back and aim straight up.

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