LED Cyc 100

LED Cyc 100

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Powerful LED stage lights with 150w RGB array. Ideal for theatrical lighting, flattering on faces.

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These compact units are fantastic option for lighting smaller stages. They have the same optics and colours as our larger LED Cyc 600 lights, but in a smaller, lighter package.

They have a powerful 100W RGBW LED engine, with a COB array. This means a natural, diffuse light, which is flattering on faces with no harshness or multiple shadows.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from, and smooth fades. Fantastic for lighting backcloths and cycloramas.

The beam angle is 90 degrees (horizontal) by 105 degrees (vertical). The vertical coverage is asymmetric which makes positioning far easier and gives smooth coverage over longer distances. Each light comes with an 8-leaf barndoor. These give total control over the light spill, which is incredibly useful if you need to avoid hitting a proscenium or projection screen.

The lights can be hung (g-clamps included free) or used floor-standing. Control is via DMX, using either 4 or 9 channels, and they can be run stand-alone, with a full choice of colours and intensity available from the back panel.

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