Large Confetti Spinner

Large Confetti Spinner

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Hire Confetti Spinner in Glasgow - GBR Scotland

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This is quite a large machine (roughly the same size as a bass drum) which uses a heavy-duty fan to push confetti outwards in all directions. This gives a good spread of "fallout" and can easily cover a significant area.

For an additional fee, we can supply multi-coloured confetti. We can also source custom colours, metallic foil, or even artificial snow.

It’s suitable for bar and truss mounting, the higher you can mount it, the greater the spread. However we can help work out alternatives if you don't think you have suitable mounting points - just give us a call.

You can trigger the spinner from a simple switch, or vary the speed using a dimmer channel. One big advantage is the machine is almost completely silent when operating. Ideal for theatre, fashion shows, etc.

We also have a smaller confetti spinner available if your requirements are more modest.

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