Induction Loop

Induction Loop

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Induction loop system, amplifier and cable. Ampetronic ILD9 for deaf or hard of hearing.

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Induction loops are essential for making your event accessible to the hard of hearing.

The system uses a cable, run around the perimeter of the audience, which when it is driven by the loop amplifier, emits a signal that can be picked up by hearing aids.

One loop system can serve any number of users. It's very effective in cutting out background noise and helping people follow what is going on. This is particularly valuable at conferences or worship events.

Also, since users don't require any additional equipment, they aren't made to feel conspicuous and you don't need to worry about handing headsets out.  Setting up a temporary loop system isn't difficult. We can talk you through the details or even come and put it together for you if required.

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