Evora 850 Zoom Moving Light

Evora 850 Zoom Moving Light

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LED Moving light hire - GBR Scotland

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The 850 is a powerful moving light, with a motorised zoom and focus ensuring that beams stay sharp over any distance.

The light source is a 200w white LED, giving a significantly brighter output than conventional 500w discharge lamps. There are 8 colours and 12 gobo patterns to choose from. Gobos can be combined to give breakup patterns.  There are two different rotating prisms for striking mid-air effects.

850s look great on larger stages and punch well above their weight. Despite being packed with features, these are still very easy units to rig and set up. They can be hung at any angle from trussing or stands and have a versatile bracketing system. They will run in a standalone mode but really come into their own when you take full control from a DMX desk.

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