Epson EB-L1405U Full HD Laser Projector

Epson EB-L1405U Full HD Laser Projector

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Powerful auditorium-sized projector with a host of advanced features.

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These are powerful auditorium-sized projectors with a host of advanced features.

The 8000 lumens come from a laser light source, which means a bright, punchy image that is very consistent over time. The projectors also run cooler and quieter than traditional lamp-based equivalents.

Resolution is 1920x1200, full HD sources can be displayed perfectly and 4k sources intelligently scaled for best results.

The projectors come complete with an adjustable flying frame, including hanging clamp. As well as the physical alignment possible within the frame, the projector has vertical and horizontal lens shift, and an advanced keystone / corner fit capability.

There is a comprehensive set of inputs available, including HDMI, VGA, 3G-SDI, and HDBaseT. We can supply cabling and adaptors to suit.

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