Epson EB-770F Ultra Short Throw HD projector

Epson EB-770F Ultra Short Throw HD projector

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Bright ultra-wide projectors. Filling a 8' projection screen from a distance of 60cm!

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These new Epson models are our brightest ultra-wide projectors yet, with 4100 lumens of output from a laser source. They are capable of filling screens up to 10ft/3m wide even when there’s significant ambient light.

Full HD resolution means crisp, detailed images. Colour reproduction is excellent; photos look very lifelike and presentations are punchy and impactful.

Meanwhile there are powerful tools for correcting image geometry which become very useful if the physical layout is challenging. It’s quite common for space to be extremely limited at events, but it is possible to get excellent images from less-than-perfect positioning.

Throw distance is extremely short – around 60cm for an 8ft wide screen or 80cm for 10ft/3m. This makes these projectors a viable alternative to large flatscreen panels.

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