dB Technologies 2585 cardioid subwoofer

dB Technologies 2585 cardioid subwoofer

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18" main driver with 15" driver firing backwards. Great for reverberant rooms

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Subwoofers are omni-directional: the sound they produce goes in all directions. Often this isn’t much of a problem, but there are situations where it becomes a critical issue.

We first bought these directional models as a solution for an event that was in danger of cancellation because of upset neighbours. They delivered a significant reduction in bass volume behind the stage, whilst keeping things lively out front.

Each cabinet has an 18” main driver, with an additional 15” driver firing backwards to provide cancellation. There’s a total of 2500w of amplifiers powering them.

The cardioid performance is also useful in reverberant rooms, giving increased clarity and punch by minimising unwanted reflections. And it can also be of benefit to performers who want a quiet stage.

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