dLive C1500 & CDM48

dLive C1500 & CDM48

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dLive C1500 & CDM48 - compact with a huge channel count. Get in touch for more details

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The dLive series is Allen & Heath's flagship digital mixing system. We have recently added the ultra-compact C1500 console and CDM48 mixrack to our stock.

Despite the tiny footprint, this system has a huge channel count, with 54 XLR inputs available as standard, whilst more can be provided with additional stage boxes or via Dante networking. The system can handle up to 128 channels in total.

There are up to 64 output buses available, which can be auxiliary monitor sends, groups, or matrices. We have used the system on monitor duty for some very IEM-heavy concerts.

The console is delightful to use, with a fully customisable layout and a 12" touchscreen. There are six completely customisable pages of 12 faders, and 19 assignable softkeys.

Sound quality is excellent, with a clarity and coherence that sets it apart. There is a huge selection of built-in processing options, including preamp and compressor emulations and classic effects units. We particularly like the Dyn8 processors, which combine multiband compression with dynamic EQ. They are fantastic for taming inconsistent vocals and solidifying mixes.

We have various options available for wireless control, including iPad mix app, and dLive director on a touchscreen PC. It's also possible to supply iPads pre-configured for use as personal monitor mixers. This has proven very popular with musicians.

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