Deck (8x4ft)

Deck (8x4ft)

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8ft x 4ft Staging deck available for hire. Ideal for building stages, catwalks, podiums, or risers.

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Heavier duty staging decks. 8ft by 4ft (244x122cm) which, compared to our standard 2x1m decks, means fewer pieces are required to build larger stages.

They have great rigidity and load capacity. This makes them a good choice for larger scale events. In most other scenarios, the easier handling of our 2m x 1m decks wins out.

Each deck can support over 2000kg. We can provide legs up to 3ft, with longer legs possible with suitable cross-bracing.

The deck itself is solid marine plywood, with a special anti-slip surface.

Legs and joining clamps are included FREE with your hire.

We can also supply all the accessories that you are likely to need, including steps, handrails, skirts, and kick plate.

We also have 4ft x 4ft & 8ft x 2ft decks which widen the range of stage proportions that are possible.

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