Deck (1x1m)

Deck (1x1m)

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Staging Deck available for hire in various sizes. Used to build a stage, catwalk, podium, or platform.

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The basic building block of most stages is the 2m x 1m deck; these pieces will mate seamlessly with our 2 x 1m and 2 x 0.5m decks.
The decks interlock to form a stable surface.

Legs are made of standard scaffold alloy tube, and slot into sockets on the underside of the deck.  Our standard lengths are 6", 12", and 18", with others available on request.
We also have the capability to put stages on jacked legs. This requires some specialised hardware but makes it possible to adjust the deck to the exact height you require. This is very useful if you are trying to match an extension onto an existing stage, or deal with uneven ground outdoors.

The decks have an aluminum frame and marine ply surface. This makes them far easier to move and assemble than traditional steel deck.

They are quite compact too - only 75mm thick - which minimises the amount of vehicle space used. It's possible to fit up to 20 decks in a standard Transit van, and smaller deck sizes can fit in cars without too much trouble.

Legs and joining clamps are included free with your hire.

We can also supply any accessories required, such as handrail, kick plate, steps, and skirting.

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