DataVideo PTC-140 PTZ camera

DataVideo PTC-140 PTZ camera

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Discreet PTZ cameras suitable for events and livestreams.

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PTZ cameras have become essential items for many events and livestreams. They are far more discreet, and can be located in places where a human-operated camera wouldn’t be possible. One person can run an entire multi-camera shoot, or they can be used in combination with manned cameras to get comprehensive coverage for your event.

The PTC-140 is a great performer, with smooth movement, a powerful zoom, and fantastic picture quality. The video output is available on HDMI or HD-SDI, with full HD resolution at up to 1080p60.

It is also possible to stream directly from the camera with multiple network protocols available.

A single camera can be manoeuvred by an infra-red remote, but it’s more common to run multiple cameras from a dedicated controller.  The control signal runs over CAT5 style cabling and is plug-and-play, no addressing or programming required.

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