Canon XA35 HD Camcorder

Canon XA35 HD Camcorder

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Professional camcorder with excellent image quality, XLR and SDI connectivity.

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A fully-featured, yet easily portable professional camcorder.
The XA35 has an upgraded sensor, giving clearer images and less noise, especially in low light.  The zoom is 20x, equivalent to a 35mm focal range of 26.8 to 576mm.
This is more than enough for most applications, and sophisticated image stabilisation means that the camera is useable handheld even at tight zoom ranges.
The intelligent "auto" mode means you can capture great footage without any tweaking. However extensive manual settings offer complete creative control to more experienced users.
The tilting viewfinder also acts as a touchscreen menu, giving quick and easy access to all the settings.
Footage is recorded onto dual SD card slots. You can opt to extend recording time onto the extra card, or record two copies simultaneously, giving an immediate backup. Recordings can be saved in either MP4 or raw AVCHD formats.
There are comprehensive audio facilities - ideal for ENG or events use. The detachable top handle has two XLR inputs. These can take a feed from a mixing desk, or provide phantom power for condenser microphones. There's built-in level controls for easy adjustment.
The XA-35 has an HD-SDI output, which is ideal for feeding long lines to vision mixers, OB trucks, or recorders. We have plenty of suitable quality BNC cabling available if required. There is also a mini-HDMI output, so you can directly feed a nearby display, video switcher, or web streamer. An adaptor to full-size HDMI is included free.
The hire prices quoted here are for a package including the camera, SD card, and a heavy duty Manfrotto tripod - everything you need to get shooting.

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