Canon Legria G20

Canon Legria G20

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Capture full HD footage onto SD card, ideal for webcasting or live video

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Our Canon G20 cameras are solid performers, with excellent optics and full HD sensors. A 10x zoom makes it possible to get tightly framed shots from quite a distance away. Built in optical image stabilisation helps reduce camera shake, providing smoother and steadier footage.

If you’re needing simple “point and shoot” operation, the Smart Auto mode automatically analyses the scene and selects the optimal settings for highest quality footage. However manual controls are available for exposure, focus, and white balance, given experienced users more creative control. The built-in touchscreen makes it simple to navigate the menus and tweak settings.

It’s possible to record footage straight onto the internal memory, or SD cards (which we can include if required). This is naturally done at full 1920x1080 resolution.

Video output is available up to 1080p60 via HDMI. This makes it possible to connect straight to any of our vision mixers for a multi-camera shoot.

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