Behringer X32 Compact

Behringer X32 Compact

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Hire a X32 compact from only £50.

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The X32 Compact is a smaller version of the popular X32 console. It’s got the full processing capabilities of the full size desk, with less inputs and faders onboard to fit the condensed form factor.

This makes it a great choice for scenarios where the larger desk would be too cumbersome. It’s also lighter and easier to transport which makes it particularly useful for smaller gigs or mobile recording sessions.

There are a 16 analogue mic/line inputs, with additional line level aux inputs. 8 channel faders and 9 bus/master faders are available on the console surface.

Every input channel has the full processing features, with a noise gate, compressor, and 4 band parametric equaliser.

With up to 16 auxiliary sends available, the X32 Compact has become a firm favourite with bands using IEMs. Musicians can adjust their own mixes using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile the console itself takes up minimal space on stage.

You can connect one of our S32 Digital stage boxes  with a single CAT5e cable, and get the full 32 input channels as well as 16 outputs.

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