Behringer X32 Compact

Behringer X32 Compact

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Hire a X32 compact from only £50.

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The Behringer X32 compact is proving to be a very popular digital mixing desk.

There are 40 analogue mic/line inputs, 16 channel faders and 9 bus/master faders on the console surface. Unlike the X32, the X32 compact only has 17 faders on the surface.

Every input channel has a noise gate, compressor, and a 4 band parametric equaliser. This gives you far more control than analogue mixers, and it's great to have power features sitting ready to use without needing to patch in outboard units. For applications like musical theatre, it can be very useful to add a little compression to every radio mic. Even a relatively simple band gig benefits.

There are eight built in multi-effects engines, which can provide reverb, delay, chorus, dynamics, or be used as 31 band graphic EQs.

The desk can output up to 16 auxiliary sends - ideal if you have a monitor-heavy gig or are using IEMs.

We can supply the desk with a wireless router and iPad, so it’s simple to get remote control over all aspects of the console. This is invaluable for troubleshooting on stage or getting out front to mix when the desk has to be positioned sidestage or somewhere equally unhelpful.

The X32 is one of the easiest digital desks to operate. There are hundreds of tutorials available online, but our staff can happily show you round it before your hire, just let them know at the time of booking.

We also have the S32 Digital stage box available, which gives you 32 XLR inputs and 16 outputs. It connects to the X32 console via a single CAT5e cable.

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