Arcus Low Fogger

Arcus Low Fogger

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Low fogger machine to rent, gives a great "dry ice" effect ideal for first dance or dancing on clouds. Rent in central Glasgow

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Our low fog machines provide a striking effect, and are a great alternative to dry ice.

They provide dense clouds of low lying fog at the touch of a button. One machine can cover all but the largest stages.

It's a great effect for panto or halloween - some LED lighting through the fog looks really atmospheric.

Also very popular for the first dance at a wedding - "Dancing on Clouds" has become a must-have effect.

The machines work by using an ultrasonic agitator to transform water into a thin mist. This is combined with conventional smoke, and you can tweak the mixture to get different consistencies of fog. It hugs the floor and takes time to scatter, so you get a striking, long lasting effect.

Over the years, we've tried machines that use ice cubes, or solid CO2 to create the effect, and this beats all of them hands-down. It's easier, safer, and more convenient.

The fog level and density can be controlled manually, using the panel on the machine itself. You can run on a timer, with fog emerging at regular intervals. The machine also accepts DMX control, so if you need it working on cue as part of a show that's simple too.  There is a hose and nozzle that allows the machine itself to sit up to 1.5 metres away, which is ideal if you need to conceal it.

The Arcus is relatively compact compared to most traditional machines, and fits easily in the boot of a car.

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