Acoustic Drum Screen

Acoustic Drum Screen

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£45.00 per weekend
£90.00 per week
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Acoustic perspex clear drum screen available for hire in Glasgow from GBR Scotland

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A drum screen can be a vital tool for controlling sound levels on stage or in the studio.

We offer a five section screen, made from clear acrylic perspex, so the drummer can see and be seen.

Each panel is 5ft tall so cymbals are covered too.

Drum screens are particularly useful in reducing bleed from the drums into other microphones, which is very useful on a cramped or busy stage. The lower volume from the kit also means that stage monitoring levels can come down, and generally everyone has a better time.

The entire screen folds down completely flat, so it will fit easily into even a small car.

We can help with tips and techniques to get the best possible drum sound, whilst keeping levels down - just ask us for details.

Monday - Saturday: 10am-5:30pm | Sunday: Closed