5m x 3m Mobile LED Screen

5m x 3m Mobile LED Screen

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Trailer mounted LED screen. Quick to set up and fully weather-resistant.

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Our mobile LED screen is a great solution for concerts, outdoor cinema, sporting events, and all sorts of promotional activities. The 5x3m screen is bright enough to be clearly viewable on the sunniest of days. Plus it is fully weather-resistant so can be used rain or shine.

With a 3.9mm pixel pitch, the LED panels deliver a high definition image with plenty of detail. It’s easy to connect any video source, with no special formatting required. Just plug into the screen controller via HDMI or 3G-SDI and you’re good to go.

The setup time is impressively quick, especially when compared to building a traditional modular screen and supporting structure. Instead, our screen deploys automatically using a hydraulic lift, and can be rotated 360 degrees so your audience get the ideal viewing angle.

An LED wall is a great way to cement the event branding and sponsorship in your audience’s minds. It’s a great promotional tool, and some festivals cover the cost of a hire by selling the advertising space or showcasing partner agencies.

Power is covered by a built-in generator, along with the option of running from an external supply. This gives maximum flexibility whether it’s part of a larger production or being operated as a standalone unit.

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