32 Hex LED Panel

32 Hex LED Panel

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Outdoor Lighting on Hire from GBR Scotland

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These LED panels are versatile wash lights with plenty of power and lots of features. Each light has 32 LEDs, containing six colour emitters - Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, and UltraViolet. This gives a far greater range of colours than a regular RGB light. The LEDs are in eight sections of four, with individual DMX control if required. They can be pixel-mapped, and there are built in chase patterns which look spectacular.

With full IP65 waterproofing, they can be used outdoors in any weather, and we can include waterproof cabling too.

The LEDs have a very high refresh rate, so they won't flicker in camera footage, even at the highest framerates.

Hanging brackets are included and the adjustable base makes it easy to wash a cyc or uplight a building.

Despite being lightweight and very compact, they pack an impressive punch and are a great choice for more demanding events.

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