Hitachi CP-AW3506 Widescreen Ultra short throw projector

£80.00 per day
£100.00 per weekend
£140.00 per week

All prices include VAT


Our newest projectors are widescreen models, ideal for movies and presentations. They produce 3700 lumens with very high contrast and great colour reproduction. 

The ultra short throw optics mean that the projectors can work very close in to the screen. This is very helpful on a busy stage. Either front or rear projection is possible, and we have a range of screens that will work well. Sizes available are 8ft x 4.5ft, 10 x 5.6ft, and 12ft x 7.5ft.

Inputs available include HDMI, VGA, and composite video. There's a "Perfect Fit" feature to help line up the image onto your screen.