Samsung SMX F30 Digital SD Camcorder

Samsung SMX F30 Digital SD Camcorder

£10.00 per day
£10.00 per weekend
£10.00 per week

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These are great little cameras for simple video jobs. They are compact and discreet, comfortable to use handheld, but also easy to conceal on stage on a tripod. 

We often use them as part of a live video (IMAG) setup, where they are very useful for capturing subtle details and getting into places where a manned camera can't be used. There is a good optical zoom so we often find that they can get a good tight shot from quite a distance away. 

Footage is recorded onto SD Cards, with either widescreen or 4:3 ratios available. It's very easy to transfer onto a computer for editing or upload to YouTube etc. We've had people use them for all sorts of video projects, including capturing performances for examinations, shooting timelapse footage, and various interviews and vox pops. 

We include a tripod, SD card, and USB card reader with each hire.