Canon Legria HF G20 full HD camcorder

£40.00 per day
£60.00 per weekend
£80.00 per week

All prices include VAT


This is a great quality camera from Canon, shooting in full HD resolution and recording onto SD cards. 

The optics and picture quality are fantastic, and there is a powerful 20x zoom which can get tight shots from the back of the room. There is an intelligent "auto" mode which will get good pictures in almost any conditions, but you can move over to full manual control if required. 

The tilting viewfinder also acts as a touchscreen menu, giving quick and easy access to all the settings.

Recordings can be saved in either MP4 or raw AVCHD formats. There are two SD card slots, and you can record onto two cards simultaneously, giving you an instant backup. You can take footage off immediately for upload or further editing. 

There is also a mini-HDMI output, so you can go direct to a display, a video switcher, or web streamer. An adaptor to full-size HDMI is included, and we can also help with any other cabling you might need. 

The hire prices quoted here are for a package including the camera, SD card, and a heavy duty Manfrotto tripod - everything you need to get shooting.