Portable Stage Cover

£175.00 per day
£250.00 per weekend
£325.00 per week

All prices include VAT


This is a great solution for fetes and gala days, and has also been used for political rallies and commemoration events. It's a basic marquee-style cover that can have modular stage decks added underneath. 

The total area covered is 6m x 8m, so there's ample space for a full band and good backstage/changeover area. (We can shorten to 6m x 6m if space is limited)

We do have sidewalls available, but most people choose to leave them off, which improves sightlines.

Because of the lightweight design, there are limitations on the weather conditions it can safely operate in. We can advise accordingly and provide wind monitoring equipment if necessary. 

Our Trailer Stages are a popular alternative, especially the smallest 6x4m model which is ideal for smaller events.