dB Technologies Ingenia IG3T Active Speaker (Pair)

£50.00 per day
£70.00 per weekend
£120.00 per week

The IG3T is an advanced self-powered loudspeaker, packed with sophisticated features. We were the first in Scotland to buy them and have recently added more to our stock. 

Each cabinet has two 10" main drivers, and a well-refined HF horn. There is 1800w of amplifier power on board, but lightweight Class-D amps and a very efficient cabinet design means that the total weight is only 22kg. Sound quality is great, and the output is surprisingly good for the size - they definitely punch above their weight. 

They are easy cabinets to move around, and the narrower dimensions make them easier to fit onto conference or theatre stages, minimising the intrusion and keeping organisers happy. 

Whilst most customers run the cabinets singly, they can be combined into vertical arrays. The controlling DSP in each cabinet communicates with its partner using an infra-red link, and the output combines seamlessly, giving increased level and coverage, whilst maintaining perfect sound quality. It is also possible to beam-steer the HF output, tailoring coverage to the room and eliminating unwanted spill. 

We can offer a variety of matching subwoofers, with different sizes and output available. We'll be happy to configure a system for you, at a great overall price. 

Rental price below is for a pair, with stands and cabling included free of charge.

Single speakers are available on request.