Bose S1 Battery-Powered Speaker

£25.00 per day
£40.00 per weekend
£80.00 per week

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If you're holding an event or party outdoors, and need a sound system that doesn't require mains electricity, this is an ideal solution. 

The Bose S1 is a battery powered loudspeaker (single), with three inputs and Bluetooth capability. You can plug in microphones, instruments, and phones, music wherever you go! Stream wirelessly via Bluetooth if you want to have control of the playlist without standing over the speaker. 

There's enough output power to be heard on a busy street. The speaker can be mounted on a stand, or angled up from ground level. 

Each input has some simple tone controls, and there's on-board reverb too. 

The battery lasts for 6+hours, and can be recharged by simply plugging into the mains.

Priced individually, but available in pairs and can be easily linked.