Paddle Antennas for radio microphones

Paddle Antennas for radio microphones

£10.00 per day
£15.00 per weekend
£30.00 per week

All prices include VAT


Remote antennas provide better coverage and range for radio mic systems. Extending the cable lets you have the aerials close to the stage, whilst keeping the receiver tucked out of the way. The aerials mount onto mic stands - we have a variety of options available. 

We have both omni-directional and directional systems available. Directional paddles give greater gain over a tighter pickup angle - useful if you know where people are going to be standing. 

For larger systems, the aerials would usually be connected to a distribution amplifier which feeds the received signal to multiple receivers. If you are hiring multiple systems, we usually include aerials and distribution free of charge, but will happily hire you the aerials themselves if you want to supplement your own systems.