Sennheiser EW300 IEM In-Ear Monitoring

£30.00 per day
£45.00 per weekend
£90.00 per week

All prices include VAT


Wireless in-ear monitoring can make a huge difference to performers and audience alike. It's possible to get a far clearer, more tailored monitor mix than with wedge speakers. On-stage levels are reduced which means a clearer, more coherent sound for the audience. 

We keep stock of Sennheiser G2 and G3 systems, and can supply individual systems or multiples in racks with antenna combiners. 

Both systems can run in mono or stereo, the only limitation is the number of mix outputs available on your console. 

Wireless IEMs work well with our personal monitor mixing solutions - performers can be left to tweak their own mixes on stage, without need an engineer to make adjustments for them. Ask us for more details.