Discreet Headset Mics   (Mic only)

Discreet Headset Mics   (Mic only)

£5.00 per day
£7.50 per weekend
£10.00 per week

All prices include VAT


A headset gives far better sound quality and gain before feedback, since the capsule is closer to the mouth than a traditional lapel mic. The level is also more consistent, since the distance to the mic capsule doesn't change when the speaker moves their head around.

The discreet style means that the mic becomes very hard to spot from only a few feet away. The frame and cabling is very thin and the capsule itself is only millimetres in diameter. 

The prices here are for hiring just the mics themselves to add to your own systems, a Radio mic system is NOT included in this price. We provide mics for free if you are hiring beltpack radio mic systems from us.