Roland M48 Personal Mixing system


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The Roland M48 personal mixer allows performers to have control over their own mix completely independently. It's a great solution for pit bands, worship events, and any other situations with demanding monitoring requirements. They are used in many West End productions and touring shows. We have found that they are a huge time-saver at complex events. Musicians love being able to tweak their own mixes, and it means that changes can be made constantly without needing to pester the monitor engineer. 

Each mixer can control up to 32 audio sources, arranged in 16 stereo groups. There is complete freedom of configuration - each mixer on stage can have a different arrangement of inputs. For example, a drummer could have control over every drum mic, whilst the other players get a sub-mix of the entire kit. 

Each musician can tailor their mix to their own requirements, with independent volume, pan, 3-band EQ, and reverb for each source. There is a local ambient mic, and an auxiliary stereo input which is ideal for metronome or click. 

Each mixer can drive a headphone output, and stereo balanced line outputs, so it can be used to feed amplifiers or wireless IEM transmitters. Each mixer comes with a mic stand and mounting bracket. They use Roland's REAC ethernet audio system, which means that only a single CAT5 cable is required. (Power is supplied over ethernet, so there is no bulky mains adaptor to worry about). 

The M48 mixers work seamlessly with any of our Roland digital consoles, but can also be configured to work with any analogue or digital mixing desk. Please contact us for more details - we'll be happy to configure and price up a system for your event.