Shure SM57

Shure SM57

£5.00 per day
£7.50 per weekend
£14.00 per week

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Ideal Use: General All Rounder, ideal for live, suitable for recording.
Cardioid Dynamic
Freq Range: 40Hz – 15kHz
Stand and XLR available on request.

Very similar to the classic SM58 but designed with instruments in mind. Good for snare drum, guitar amps, brass instruments, etc. Generally a very useful "general purpose" mic that will give an acceptable sound from almost anything you point it at. 

(We have used SM57s on didgeridoos, toy pianos, tambourines, and someone shaking a tree branch. Although not all at the same time!)

Despite being intended for instruments, the SM57 is also a very capable vocal mic. It's standard issue for US presidents, as well as Lemmy from Motörhead...