Audix OM7

£6.00 per day
£9.00 per weekend
£17.00 per week

All prices include VAT


Ideal Use: Live Vocal Microphone
Hypercardioid Dynamic
Freq Range: 48Hz – 19kHz
Stand and XLR available on request.

The OM7 is a fantastic rock vocal mic, and our go-to microphone for loud stages. It has a very tight pickup range, which means that spill from drums and other stage noise is dramatically reduced. It is very resistant to feedback, even with really loud wedges. 

Sound quality has not been compromised, with a very smooth frequency response. We have other choices for delicate vocal performances, but for a full-bodied rock show these sound great. 

They are particularly good for drummers that sing, as the drum spill into the mic is minimal. This leaves the vocal clear and crisp.  The drums themselves will sound better and punchier without spill muddying up the mix.