5.5kVA Large Generator

5.5kVA Large Generator

£90.00 per day
£135.00 per weekend
£270.00 per week

All prices include VAT


This generator is a good choice for events with greater power requirements. It can supply 5.5kVA, which is equivalent to a steady load of around 5000w. This is enough to run quite a sizeable PA system. We often use these generators for gala days, Christmas Lights events, and small concerts. 

The electrical output is on a 32amp CEEform connector. We will include cabling and a distribution unit free of charge. This gives you a selection of 13amp sockets to plug in standard items, with built-in RCD protection. 

Crucially, the generator has a voltage regulator which prevents any possibility of damage to equipment. (Many generators let the voltage fluctuate with the load level, fine for power tools but harmful to audio-visual items)

There is a large diesel tank on board, and the set can run for up to 7hrs without refuelling. It is on wheels for easy movement, but needs a van or trailer for transport.