Band PA Package

Band PA Package

£275.00 per day
£405.00 per weekend
£625.00 per week

All prices include VAT


This bargain-priced package contains everything you need to get great sound at your gig. It's ideal for a club-sized gig, or a function band in a typical hotel suite. 

Everything will fit inside a standard van (e.g. the smallest Transit/Sprinter) or can split between two large cars with a bit of a squeeze. 

We've picked good sounding, reliable equipment that we use when mixing bands ourselves. It's all been thoroughly road tested and will give great results. 

The Band PA package contains :-

  • Pair of Full Range PA speakers
  • Pair of 18" Sub Woofers
  • Set of four 12' Monitors
  • All amplifiers required
  • Digital Mixing Desk
  • Drum Mic pack
  • 4 Wired Vocal Mics (typically Shure SM58)
  • 2 Instrument Mics (typically Shure SM57)
  • 2 DI Boxes
  • Handheld Radio Mic
  • All Stands and Cables