Trailer Stage 6.25m x 6.5m


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New for 2020 is our latest trailer stage. 

The stage transports as a compact trailer, but opens out to give a fully covered area of 6.25m x 6.5m. (40.5 sqM, or 437 sqFt) This is more than ample space to accommodate a full band. The beauty is that you can put the stage anywhere there is reasonably flat ground - a car park, town square, school playground, or field!

It's ideal for events that need a proper covered stage, with plenty options for lighting positions. Despite this, it's quite compact - we have squeezed it across high streets and into gaps on harbour walls.

The stage can be assembled in around 30 minutes, and provides a great focal point for your event. The extra height on this model means that it's easy to get banners prominently displayed, to maximise sponsorship income. The stage deck is 1m off the ground with up to 3.5m of roof clearance.  

Pricing depends on the date, timings, and location of your event. Give us a call for more information and to get a tailored quote.