Shard LED Lighting Effect

£10.00 per day
£15.00 per weekend
£30.00 per week

All prices include VAT


The Shard is our latest lighting effect, and gives a huge range of different looks. Just one unit can fill an entire dancefloor, sending bright slender beams of light in all directions. It's a modern take on the classic moonflower effect, with sharper beams, more output, and far more flexibility. 

At the heart of the light is a 60w LED engine, with red, green, blue, and white emitters. These can be mixed to give any colour of the rainbow. The beam movement is controllable, and can range from a slow mirrorball-style effect to fast energetic rotation. 

Whilst DMX control is possible, there's an intelligent sound-to-light mode with built in programs which is ideal for dancefloor use. You can get a perfectly synchronised lightshow by simply linking multiple units together with a single cable - they will automatically work in a master-slave mode.