LED Zoom Parcan (Quad Colour)

£10.00 per day
£15.00 per weekend
£20.00 per week

All prices include VAT


These Par 64-sized parcans mimic the size and style of a traditional lanterns, but have a modern LED engine and zoomable optics.

This means that you get the same level of light output as a 1000w bulb, but only consuming 100w of power. Heat levels on stage are drastically reduced too, making things much more comfortable for performers.

The beam can be adjusted from 9 to 30 degrees which gives a great deal of flexibility. A tighter focus reduces "wasted" light and eliminates distracting spill.

We have matching white models, so you can have the look and feel of a traditional parcan show, with more light output, and 10% of the power consumption.