LED Parcans (Slimline)

£6.00 per day
£9.00 per weekend
£18.00 per week

Slimline LED Pars are very compact units - far smaller than traditional style Par 64 or 56. 

They have a single powerful RGB LED, which means you can select any colour out of a huge range.

They are great for uplighting and wall washing, since it's easy to tuck them into small spaces. 

There are two beam options - a wide 60 degree wash is standard, and there is a lens that can be added which narrows the beam to 20 degrees. The wash is great for "face light" on stage, the tighter beam looks great projecting through smoke, and is useful for getting colour far up walls and pillars.

The pars can be controlled via DMX in either 3 or 5 channel modes from a lighting desk, but also have simple standalone programs built in. If you just need to have them set to a static colour, you only need to run power to each lamp and make a simple menu selection. 

There is a sound active mode which is handy for disco type effects too.