iMove 350SR Moving Light

£20.00 per day
£30.00 per weekend
£60.00 per week

All prices include VAT


These are our latest Moving Head effects lights, incredibly powerful and versatile but still lightweight and easy to use. 

Each lamp uses a 60W LED source instead of a conventional bulb. They have the same light output as a 250w discharge lamp but run far cooler and are much more reliable. 

There are a host of different features for beam shaping. Two separate gobo wheels, which can be used together for breakup style effects. Variable focus keeps them crisp. There is a 3 facet prism which can be rotated to give great effects. There is a choice of 7 colours and the beam angle can be adjusted too. 

Despite being packed with features, these are still very easy units to rig and set up. They can be hung at any angle from trussing or stands and have a versatile bracketing system. They will run in a standalone mode but really come into their own when you take full control from a DMX desk.