Butterfly Quad LED

£10.00 per day
£15.00 per weekend
£30.00 per week

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Our Butterfly LEDs are an eye-catching effect, great for discos and parties. There are two rows of powerful Quad LEDs. The LEDs produce tight beams which cover a dancefloor and look especially good through smoke or haze. 

Each row of LEDs can rotate independently, so they can scan across the room. The LEDs run multicoloured chase patterns. Colour, brightness, and movement is all sound-activated with a variety of programs to choose from. 

You can also control the units from a DMX desk. This is great for events like dance shows where you want the lights moving during upbeat pieces but off during changeovers and quiet parts. 

Each light comes with a clamp so they can be hung from truss or stands, but you will still get great coverage with them sitting on a table or on top of speakers.