Chauvet Amhaze Haze Machine

£15.00 per day
£25.00 per weekend
£45.00 per week

All prices include VAT


The Amhaze is our latest addition to hire stock. It's very conveniently packaged inside its own flightcase, so very quick and easy to set up. 

Warm-up time is quick, so there's ample haze output within minutes. A single machine is usually enough to fill a theatre stage or town hall, but we have multiple machines available for larger venues. 

Haze is generally a subtler and less irritating effect than traditional smoke, whilst still allowing for visible light beams. These machines are whisper-quiet, so are ideal for theatrical, worship, or corporate events. 

They are controlled via DMX (with 3 and 5 pin connections available) but also have a full set of manual controls on the front panel.