Give your event some sparkle.

Mirrorballs are a classic disco effect, which first became popular in the 1920s but are still a guaranteed crowd-pleaser today.

The effect works on two levels – the glitter ball itself is a great centrepiece, and the reflections around the room and onto the dancefloor look great. All our mirrorballs can rotate, so the light moves and dances around the room.

Our hire customers often ask us how best to get a mirror ball working at their event. The biggest factor is the venue that you are using. Some of the spaces commonly used for weddings and parties need a bit of creativity to get mirrorballs working effectively.

(We’re familiar with many of the venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want advice about the room you have booked)

Generally, a mirrorball is best mounted up over the stage or dancefloor. That’s certainly the traditional position. The advantage is that most of the light that hits the ball is reflected downwards, so you get a more intense effect and better spread over the audience.

Theatres and nightclubs will usually have bars or truss available to hang the mirrorball from. Many smaller rooms, or hotel function suites, won’t have those sorts of facilities. Marquees can pose their own challenges too.

If your venue doesn’t come with a ready-made hanging point, there are other options available.

We have recently added some elegant curved brackets that allow a 50cm mirrorball to sit directly on top of a standard tripod stand. This is a very convenient way of getting the ball up to a good height. (Put one either side of the DJ for a great look. And turn them so that the bracket arm faces away from the audience –it looks much better)

Any of our lighting stands or truss structures can hold mirrorballs. It’s possible to hang two mirrorballs from one stand using a t-bar arrangement. In some ballrooms we’ve hung a ball on each corner of a square truss layout. One customer asked for a line of disco balls spread along a truss running the length of their venue. We have kader-style clamps that can lock into the frame of clearspan marquees, giving a solid position. However any lining can get in the way, so it’s best to talk to the company supplying your tent.

Once you have your glitter ball in position, it needs to be lit. This is a different task from normal stage lighting. What you want is as tight a beam as possible hitting the ball, with minimal spill.

(A wider beam, even up very close, will keep spreading after it reflects off the ball, so you’ll see large, indistinct splodges rather than sharp pinpricks of light)

We’ve got a variety of suitable lights available. Our standard pinspots have a very narrow beam, and a warm white shade. We also have a collection of “super pinspots” which are three times as powerful (the bulb comes from a marine searchlight!)

For larger events we have also used our moving lights – particularly beam movers – to illuminate mirrorballs. They are quite versatile, though, so can be used for a variety of other effects throughout the evening.

Hitting your mirrorballs from multiple angles and directions gets you more light around the room. You can aim the beams at different parts of the ball to get the reflections landing where you want. Varying the distance of the lights, even slightly, gives you different sized dots which can be a nice look. If you have the time, it’s worth playing around and seeing which options you prefer.

The lights need to have a clear line to the balls, so it’s usually best to have them on stands so that dancers or other items don’t obstruct the beam. If you are setting up ahead of your event, remember that a band or DJ might bring kit onto the stage that blocks the lights if you have them too close to the floor.

Some customers ask us to deliver and set up their mirrorballs for them. We’re certainly happy to do so, but for most events people are able to collect the hire themselves. Our standard 50cm mirrorballs will easily fit inside a standard car, even allowing for the extra equipment that comes with each hire.

Mirror Ball (Large)

£ 15.00

Our large mirrorballs are half a metre in diameter, enough to make an impact in any size of venue. 


Mirror Ball (Small)

£ 10.00

Our small mirrorballs are one foot (30cm) in diameter. This makes it a good option for venues that...