Terms of Service


This Hire Agreement relates to GBR Technical Services LTD, referred to as the ‘Company’, and any persons or organisations that wish to hire equipment,referred to as the ‘Customer’.  In placing an order the Customer’s accepts our Conditions of Hire as given below.

Property of the equipment:

All hired equipment remains the absolute property of the Company at all times. The Customer undertakes not to sell, nor underlet any of the goods owned by the Company


Responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment:
The Customer assumes complete responsibility for loss or damage to the hire equipment (other than fair wear and tear) during the period of hire. In the event of loss or theft of the hire equipment the Company will invoice the Customer for the full price for replacement of the equipment. In the event of damage to the equipment, the company will invoice the Customer in full for the repairs of the equipment.

The Customer must ensure that the equipment is kept safe and dry, locked up when not attended and not stored in a vehicle.
Any damage, loss or theft must be reported to the Company and, if applicable, the Police immediately. 

Responsibility in other cases:
The Company cannot be held responsible for the equipment not working or working incorrectly due to circumstances out of its control (e.g. power issues). It is customer responsibility to make sure that appropriate electricity is applied at the venue.

Hire period:

Standard hire period is 24 hours, unless specified otherwise. In the event the equipment cannot be returned on the agreed date the customer must notify the Company immediately, the Company reserves the right to charge an additional fee. 

If our engineers or delivery drivers are not able to pick up the equipment because they cannot access the venue the client may be charged additional collection fees.


The Company reserves the right to keep any deposit payment in the case of event cancellation. If cancellation is made within 48 hours of the start period of the hire the Company reserves the right to charge the full balance of the hire.

The Company has a right to cancel the event without a prior notice. In this case refunds will be sent within 5 working days.

If our engineers or delivery driver arrives on site to find the event cancelled, or if he/she won't be able to gain access to the venue, then the Customer shall pay the full hire charge including carriage; this is also the case for unsafe weather conditions, lack of necessary permissions/regulations, and conditions out with health and safety requirements. The Company cannot be held responsible for any losses in the event of late arrival or cancellation of the hire, due to unforeseen circumstances out of its control. Should the client request a change of delivery or collection within 48 hours of the event, the company will make efforts to accommodate the request, however should a change in timings conflict with other commitments of the company then this will be treated in the same manner as a cancellation. 

Condition of the equipment:

All supplied equipment is checked before the event. Complaints as to shortage or damage of the equipment should be made on receipt of goods. The Customer will inspect the equipment and by accepting it agrees that it is suitable for its purpose, functions correctly and complies with relevant regulations. 

If the equipment is damaged or requires repair whether because of an accident or breakdown, the Customer shall advise the Company of the full circumstances by telephone or email as soon as practicable.
The Customer shall not arrange or undertake any repairs without the authority of the Company except to the extent that the repairs are necessary to prevent further damage to the equipment or to other property.

Emergency engineer call out:

In the event that the Company must send an engineer to set-up equipment or resolve an issue that the Customer is unable to fix the Company reserve the right to charge and additonal fee based on the time taken to resolve the issue and the distance traveled.


 The Customer is expected to make payment in full on or before the start date of the hire. The Company reserves the right to cancel any hires/events where has payment has not been made within the agreed time scale. For business customers invoices can be issued at the discretion of the Company and are subject to a 30 day term

In the case where the customer is hiring equipment for someone else (sub hire), it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure invoices are delivered to the appropriate person. The responsibility lies with the booking customer to ensure payment is made to the company.


Quotations for hires, events, purchases, or labour will be provided by the company, these quotations are valid for 4 weeks (from creation) and can be accepted within that time. After the 4 week period, the prices are subject to change. This is to allow for fluctuating cost of goods.